Energy Calculators
Analyze the Energy Efficiency 
This calculator will provide you with estimates of energy use 
costs based on your inputs and will allow you to perform energy
saving scenarios to pinpoint your 
opportunities for savings.
Energy References
Explore Energy Information and Tips
Fundamentals of Electricity
How the electric utility industry generates and delivers power to its customers covering Basics, Delivery, Safety and Generation.
Kid's Korner
For kids and adults! Containing everything from energy-themed games to Teacher Lesson Plans. Kids Korner creates a rich kid-friendly environment to facilitate in energy education.
A graphically rich and interactive extensive library for exploring electricity issues of interest to a broad selection of customers.
Special Purpose Calculators
Commercial Lighting Calculator
Compares the purchase price and cost to operate Compact Fluorescent Lamps vs. Incandescent Lights.
Vampire Calculator
This calculator shows you how much of your energy dollars are being used by appliances in your home that are plugged in but not turned on.
Water Calculator
A small drip from the faucet may seem harmless, but when you add up the total impact on your water use, you may be surprised.
Appliance Calculator How much does it really cost to use the appliances in your home? Here's a quick way to get a feel for what your home's appliances cost to operate.
Lighting Calculator Compares the cost to operate standard incandescent lamps to more efficient halogen, fluorescent, and LED lamps.
Space Heaters
Details the monthly cost of operating one, or more, space heaters
Pool and Spa Calculator
Shows side-by-side comparisons of heating pools or spas with various heat sources. Also estimates the cost of operating the pool or spa pump.
Television Calculator Compares the energy use and cost of LCD, DLP, Plasma, and traditional tube televisions.
Electric Vehicle Calculator Calculate your savings (dollars and environmental) from using electric vehicles.
Lawn Irrigation Calculator How much water is your sprinkler system using on a monthly basis.  This calculator estimates the water use from your lawn irrigation system.