Nuisance Tripping

GFCI's were designed as a very safe way to interrupt power when any current fault occurs. They are used mostly where smaller electrical devices are plugged in. Since GFCI's are sensitive, they have a tendency to trip frequently. This frequent tripping is referred to as "nuisance tripping," since many people see it as a nuisance. For this reason, it is not a recommended practice to plug refrigerators, freezers, or other large appliances into a GFCI outlet.

SAM's Electric Razor GraphicNuisance tripping can also be caused by appliances that are just on the verge of going bad. An electric razor may work fine as long as it is not pressed down hard onto the skin. But when the razor is pressed down, it causes the GFCI to trip. This is an indication the razor may be starting to go bad. Some people experience nuisance tripping problems when they try to use their weed eaters or electric lawn mowers when the lawn is very wet. In addition, thunderstorms may cause GFCI's to trip.