Commercial Software - GchpCalc

GchpCalc is a program specifically designed for sizing commercial building ground-coupled heat pump systems. The user provides zone cooling load and heat loss data, selects the heat pump manufacturer, specifies ground thermal properties, and the desired vertical ground coil arrangement.

After entering the zone data, desired ground loop temperature and flow rate, ground properties, U-bend tubing information and vertical bore data, the program calculates the ground coil length and system operating parameters.

The degree of uncertainty that accompanies soil analysis can be dealt with by entering values for thermal properties that cover the extremes. This will allow the inexperienced designers some degree of comfort by using conservative values.

The program automatically selects the heat pump model for each zone, specifies the required ground coil length, and the water flow rate. The user can easily change any input and quickly determine the resulting effects on the ground coil and system performance.

GchpCalc is available from:

GeoCool Lab
The University of Alabama
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Energy Information Services
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35486-0013