Commercial Software - GLHE-PRO

GLHE-PRO is used as an aid in the design of vertical bore-hole ground loop heat exchangers. It requires three basic sets of input data:

  1. Monthly heating and cooling loads on the heat pump.
  2. A description of the ground loop heat exchanger - pattern, borehole radius and depth of the borehole
  3. Heat pump performance - with default values supplied.

Most of the input data on the loop is entered on the Borehole Profile Input sheet. The circulating fluid to be used is selected from a separate menu. When a fluid is selected, the program updates the solution properties on the Borehole Profile sheet. The user may also select the soil description and thermal properties in much the same way. The borehole configuration pattern is also selected from a separate pop-up menu, offering various pattern choices. Monthly heating and cooling loads on the loop are also input from another pop-up menu. The screen also asks the user to select the capacity of the heat pump or offers the option of entering performance data from a manufacturer's catalog. If the user chooses to size the depth of the boreholes then the design temperature exiting the heat pump is entered, whether this is a minimum or a maximum, and the time period for the simulation.

Once all the input data has been entered, GLHE-PRO will perform a simulation, or determine the depth of the boreholes. A brief summary of the results is presented. This screen includes details about the loop design, and the minimum and maximum fluid temperatures entering the boreholes and months they occur. A complete data file is also created that includes all the inputs as well as the power consumed by the heat pumps, the average fluid temperature in the boreholes, and the inlet and exit fluid temperatures.

GLHE-PRO is available from:

Oklahoma State University
499 Cordell South
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
Phone: 405-744-5175
Toll Free: 1-800-626-4747