Residential Software - CLGS


CLGS is a menu driven, user friendly closed-loop ground source heat exchanger design program. It rapidly designs everything from the smallest to multi-ton residential applications. CLGS also provides energy efficiency comparisons. The user:

  • Supplies the buildings heating and cooling loads
  • Selects a design area from a menu of locations
  • Chooses the heat exchanger design configuration, vertical or horizontal, pipe size and type
  • Enters heat pump capacities

The program uses preprogrammed or user-input weather and other data, and then sizes the vertical or horizontal heat exchanger.

CLGS output screens provide:

  • Estimated annual cooling, space heating and domestic hot water heating costs
  • Loop pipe sizes and pressure drops, also purging pump size necessary to flush and purge air and debris
  • Comparison operating costs of gas, propane, high efficiency electric heating & cooling, and geothermal systems

While CLGS is primarily oriented to residential applications, it can also be used for small commercial applications that are not multiple zone sensitive.

CLGS is available from

Oklahoma State University
499 Cordell South
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
Phone: 405-744-5175
Toll Free: 1-800-626-4747