Beaumont Retirement Community, Pennsylvania

John S. Friderichs, Senior Project Manager HEATAC
"Beaumont Retirement Community is a typical application of HEATAC system's geothermal heat pump technology. Here we have a 50-acre campus including town homes, apartments, and the mansion you see behind me. These are all heated and cooled with ground pebbled heat pumps. If you look around you see nothing on the roofs, nothing outside the buildings as you would in a typical heating and air-conditioning system. That's one of the advantages of the system. The other advantage, of course, is the high efficiency."

Arthur Wheeler, Developer:
"I think it's true that Beaumont is a different type of community in many, many ways and in order to make it the prime property that it is, I took a gamble on the fact that, at that time, in 1986, I didn't know too much about geothermal but I was convinced that it was a system that would be the future of the technology , and we've been very satisfied with the results."