ASHRAE Standards


The American Society of Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the HVAC industry's technical organization. Among many activities, ASHRAE develops and promulgates standards, guidelines, and other important information relating to this technology. The standards that effect the geothermal heat pump systems are in:

ASHRAE 15 Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigerants,

ASHRAE 34 Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants,

ASHRAE 62 Ventilation for Acceptable Air Quality,

ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Efficient Design of New Buildings, except Low-Rise Residential Buildings.

Designers should be familiar with the pertinent sections of these standards for developing geothermal heat pump system projects. ASHRAE 90.1 includes important climatic data in Appendix C, as well as prescriptive data on energy efficient design.