The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association is a valuable resource to anyone interested in geothermal technology. IGSHPA represents many professions manufacturers, distributors, installers, electric utilities, architects, engineers, contractors, educators, and researchers.

IGSHPA provides a number of resources. Among these are:

Continuing Education Instruction is provided by extensive training seminars and workshops on ground source system design and installation, plus training videotapes and manuals, and professional development publications.

Information Network Workshops, seminars, and teleconferences present opportunities to pool information and be a clearinghouse for case studies. Ground Source Heat Exchanger Design and other pertinent software are available to complement publications.

Drafting Standards Cultivate good customer relations by protecting customers from inferior products and substandard installation practices.

Marketing Assistance Provides brochures, graphics, and other marketing tools, including news releases and articles to national newspapers and trade magazines.

Consumer Quality Assurance Provides a Ground Source System Registration Program. Since these are higher priced heating, cooling, and hot water systems, consumers measure value in return dollar savings, low maintenance costs, and the longevity of the system. Market instabilities, which sometimes force service dealers or manufacturers out of business, could leave consumers without recourse before they realize a full return on their ground source system. This program provides customers with the assurance of complete industry support for the full lifetime of the system.

Publications available from IGSHPA include:

  • Closed-Loop Installation Guide
  • Ground Source System Installation Standards
  • Grouting Procedures
  • Soil and Rock Classification
  • Technical Poster and other marketing folders and brochures.

A number of Training Videos are available for local use, including:

  • Ground Source Heat Pump Teleconferences
  • Ground Source Systems: An Introduction
  • Inside Ground Source Systems
  • Down to Earth Heating and Cooling
  • Examples of Ground Source Systems
  • Ground Source Systems: Design and Layout
  • Ground Source Systems: Installation Overview
  • Ground Source Systems: Flushing, Purging, and Pressurizing
  • Soil and Rock Identification.

Training workshops are conducted regularly on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Traveling workshops for in-house training are also available. IGSHPA conducts a three-day conference annually. This conference brings together experts from across the United States and Canada to share the latest information on ground source systems.

For further information about ground source systems, contact:

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
499 Cordell South
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800-626-GSHP
Fax: 405-744-5283