Convenience Stores - Special Needs

Convenience store environments usually have a large lighting load and motor load. These loads, especially the motor loads, turn on and off quite often. The fast food side to these stores means the use of microwaves and thermal ovens which also turn on and off a lot. What this means from our power quality standpoint is a lot of sags and transients.

Coupled to this is the fact that many of these stores sell gasoline. The "gas islands" not only have digital sensors and pumps, but many now have automatic banking capabilities, too.

Into this arena go the new, electronic point-of-sale terminals. They may or may not have any specially wired receptacles to plug into, so this is one item to check on if there are problems.

Many of these POS terminals also communicate with a larger system in the store or possibly via modem to a large central computer. They relay inventory and sales transactions to the host computer, and verify credit card transactions. In these situations, grounding should also be investigated.