Light Office/Retail - Special Needs

The small office and retail industry is unique because quite often there is no single service entrance or the main service is shared by several offices or stores. This means many disturbances may affect one office even though they were generated next door. Also, managing sensitive electronic equipment is not a strong consideration - managing merchandise or selling services is. So power quality issues may easily be overlooked.

In the retail side of things, point-of-sale terminals, data communications, and transaction verification systems can all fall prey to the disturbances both from within the store and from outside. If disturbances enter from the utility side, typically more than one store will be affected.

For small office environments, the business park is booming. Many small businesses will be housed in one large facility, but subdivided into small offices. There may be little to no control over who your neighbor will be - maybe some avant-garde arc welding artist or something.

Also, there is usually no knowledge about the office wiring or grounding (after all, it may have been a warehouse at one time - who knows?) On top of this, small businesses don't usually have the financial resources to obtain or install special circuits or power mitigation devices to protect their sensitive equipment.