Damaged Equipment - External Causes

Home equipment can be damaged by internal or external sources. The leading cause is lightning. Lightning strikes can carry voltage in excess of 1 million volts and tens of thousands of amps of current. Little wonder that a television or VCR comes out on the losing side of that battle. How much lightning you see at your home depends upon where you live.

Folks living in Florida hear thunder nearly one third of the year, while the residents of Seattle, Washington will hear that rumble only a handful of times a year. Studies show that for every thunderstorm-day, there are approximately 2 lightning strikes per square mile. For someone living in Atlanta, for instance, that means that, over the course of a year, lightning strikes nearly one hundred times within the one square mile they live in.

Damage can also result from sags or surges caused by temporary power outages. These outages occur when objects such as limbs fall on power lines or when a car strikes a power pole.