Interference Solutions - Home Appliances

The best solution to an electrical interference problem is to eliminate the source of the interference. Here are some easy steps you can try at home.

Turn on the appliance that is being interfered with. Make sure the interference is present. Next, flip the various circuit breakers off, one by one. When the interference disappears, you have found the circuit that's causing the interference.

To confirm your detective work, turn the circuit back on to see if the problem reappears. If it does, locate everything on the suspect circuit and begin to individually turn each of these items off. When the interference disappears you have found your culprit. If this does not identify the cause, try tuning an AM radio to the lower end of the dial, until you pick up the greatest interference. Follow the actual line of the circuit from the breaker to the outlet for each appliance while the appliance is operating. As the static on the radio increases you're nearing a potential source of interference.

Loose connections or bad wiring behind a wall, panel or outlet could be the cause. Have a qualified electrician conduct an inspection of your wiring system to eliminate the interference conditions. This is a good move for safety reasons as well.