Loss of Programs/Data - Utility Solutions

There's not a lot you can do to prevent utility power quality problems. Most of the inconveniences are caused by the utility itself, and they will have to fix the problem. However, there are precautions and preventive maintenance procedures that you - the homeowner - can follow to cut down on lost data in your home computer system.

The first and most important precaution is purchasing a Stand-By Power Supply. To meet the needs of most desk-top computers, these SPS's come in two hundred and four hundred watt sizes, they're reasonably small, and can be purchased at most computer, hardware or office supply stores for a cost between two hundred and four hundred dollars.

These units will allow your computer to operate during short interruptions lasting from a second to thirty minutes, therefore don't rely on the SPS to save large amounts of data, you should only rely on it to enable the completion of immediate work.

Most popular and up-to-date versions of word processing software now include automatic file saving features, which automatically save current files to temporary and permanent storage locations on the computer in a matter of minutes. Using this feature, along with purchasing an SPS, will help cut down on lost data and programs.