Circuit Checks - Connections - What?

Wiring is one of the most overlooked components of your home's infrastructure. Homeowners often assume the electricity will flow forever with no maintenance. While electrical systems don't require very much maintenance, an occasional inspection is important to keep your home safe and to keep equipment operating properly.

If you're experiencing power quality problems such as TV and radio interference, tripping breakers, blown fuses, and dimming or flickering lights, it's a good indication that your wiring and connections need, at the very least, a thorough inspection and probably some repair work.

All the electrical connections in your home should be tight and dry. Only then can they provide safe, reliable service. Loose electrical connections may begin to arc. You probably won't be able to see or hear this arcing under normal conditions, but with time it will grow worse until the connection fails. Arcing generates electrical noise that will often cause radio or television interference. If you experience interference, track down the offending connection by turning off the breakers at your main panel one at a time until the interference disappears. You will have isolated the circuit with the loose connections.

Call a qualified electrician to inspect your electrical system. Direct the contractor's attention to the circuit you've identified, but make sure that he or she inspects the entire system.