Interruption Symptoms - Electronic Equipment

Unless there is some form of backup power such as a UPS or SPS, an electronic device will shut down during a temporary or sustained interruption. Although the devices themselves may not be damaged by the loss of power, all processes, programs, production, etc., will stop during this time. Losses could conceivably reach tens of thousands of dollars.

It is very likely that transients will be associated with these interruptions. Take some care to properly identify disturbances and provide appropriate protection if needed.

Depending on its duration, an electronic device may or may not be affected by a momentary interruption. If the disturbance is short enough, the device's power supply will ride through the interruption without a hitch. As the duration increases, the power supply will begin to lose regulation capability on the DC voltage. This will be seen in data errors and possible lockups.

If the momentary interruption lasts long enough, then the power supply can no longer support the load, and it will shut down. Since the voltage will recover quickly, the device will turn back on, or restart, which may, in turn, cause damage to some electronics.