Audit Mitigation Alternatives

Knowing where to obtain the solution for a power quality problem can be as important as identifying the problem and its cause. Selecting the best contractor or the best supplier of hardware may present a formidable task to the customer.

To facilitate an expedient solution to power quality problems, the auditor should provide customers with the following information:

  • A listing of quality manufacturers of mitigation equipment,
  • The name, address, and phone number of suppliers of the equipment,
  • Exactly what type and configuration of hardware will be required,
  • Sizing of equipment that will enable the customer to meet additional needs in the future,
  • Directions about who can install the equipment, and how it can be installed, and
  • A reasonable estimate of expected solution costs.

Whenever larger, more expensive equipment is required to mitigate power quality problems, it is a good idea for the customer to prepare a specification package and seek at least three bids on the equipment. These specifications may be beyond the capability of the customer to write and evaluate. Assisting the customer in the preparing specifications, and evaluating a bid package is a perfect follow-up service for the power quality auditor.