Assistance Avenues

Frequently the customer must involve other parties to find solutions to power quality problems. When seeking assistance from outside sources, use the following guidelines:

Get input from the local electric utility first. The utility is probably in the best place, and with the most knowledge, to assist in resolving problems. Many utilities offer services to assist customers with these types of problems.

Call a consultant to assist in problem identification and mitigation, if the size of the operation warrants the expenditure. Most consultants in the power quality field are capable of making appropriate diagnosis and recommendations. This step should be done after calling the utility. In some instances, it may be advantageous for utility personnel to call a consultant for certain unique, complex and large customers.

Equipment suppliers may be able to provide information about their products, but of course they are only able to address what they represent or sell. It is always a good idea to obtain information about equipment capabilities and pricing from at least three manufacturers. The utility power quality auditor is a good resource for determining which equipment to choose.