Audit Follow-up

The final component in performing a power quality audit is follow-up. This is the time to answer questions that may have surfaced since the audit report, and to initiate other recommended actions.

One of the most valuable follow-up services is helping the customer secure the recommended solution. Whenever larger, more expensive equipment is required to mitigate power quality problems, it is generally a good idea for the customer to prepare a specification package and seek at least three bids on the equipment. These bids may be beyond the capability of the customer to write and evaluate. Assisting the customer in preparing and evaluating a bid package is a perfect follow-up service for the power quality auditor.

Another opportunity for customer follow-up assistance is to review the work performed by outside contractors. Working with the customer's facility personnel, the power quality auditor can see that all installations are made in accordance with the requirements of the recommended solution.

Finally, the auditor should take the initiative to insure that not only has the mitigation recommendation been installed and completed, but that it provides the solution desired for the customer.