Potential Hazards

It is imperative that personnel performing testing and/or inspections follow and adhere to safety recommendations and precautions that apply to personnel working on or around electrically energized equipment. In most instances, the utility company's Safe Work Practices Manual will provide information about safety procedures, equipment and protective devices, and apparel. Should this information not be available, contact the company safety officer or representative.

Precautions must be taken to avoid contact with any energized facilities and minimize any potential for mishap. In addition to the potential for severe personal bodily injury or death, there is also the potential for damaging equipment, and disrupting the operation of the facility being inspected. Persons performing power quality diagnostic work should be prepared for the task by:

  1. Ensuring their familiarity with applicable safe work practices for this type work,
  2. Ensuring their familiarity with the safe and appropriate installation and operation of various diagnostic equipment,
  3. Wearing appropriate and approved clothing and protective gear, and
  4. Ensuring that all diagnostic instruments, devices, and equipment are in proper condition and working order.

In addition:

  • No work or testing should be performed on energized equipment in excess of 600 volts,
  • No work should be performed on energized 3-phase meters and bases, CT circuits, and enclosures, and
  • Barricade and guard open energized panels, breakers, switch gear, and similar equipment while testing is in progress.