Safety Apparel

Appropriate clothing and protective equipment should be worn at all times when performing power quality diagnostic testing and measurements. Protective equipment should be worn and extreme caution taken at all times, when removing panel covers and doors from energized equipment, and when using knock-out punches in energized meterbases. Some of the apparel which, at a minimum, should be worn are:

  1. Rubber gloves rated at 600v/20 kV,
  2. Leather protectors,
  3. A hard hat or cap,
  4. Safety face or eye protection, should be worn at any time where there are eye hazards.
  5. Long-sleeved shirts (minimum 35% cotton) should be worn while working on or near 0-600 volts.

When working with Rubber Protective Equipment, an additional precaution should be exercised:

  • Overreaching of rubber gloves should be avoided when working on energized electrical equipment. When danger of overreaching exists, additional rubber protective equipment should be used.