Safety Devices & Techniques

In addition to wearing appropriate safety equipment and clothing, taking power quality measurements also involves the use of other safety devices and techniques:

  • When making test-lead connections, those energized parts or grounds not being tested should be covered or de-energized.
  • When performing electrical tests on energized equipment, a voltage reading should be taken, and breaker location identified, before proceeding with additional tests.
  • Coverings on tool handles, clip leads and boots, and all other devices, should not be considered as a substitute for rubber gloves.
  • Screwdrivers should have nonmetallic handles.
  • Portable test equipment should be connected on the load side of a fuse, circuit breaker, or other isolating device, where possible.
  • When working on de-energized circuits or equipment, the isolating device should be tagged and locked, where locking facilities are available.
  • Nonmetallic measuring tapes or wood rules should be used in taking measurements on or near energized electrical conductors.
  • Company-approved ladders should be used. Ladders can be a danger if they are not setup properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, so that they are secure and stable. Where stability is questionable, ladders should be tied off. It is also important to set up your ladder in the best possible position in order to enter and exit an attic or elevated crawl-space safely.