Audit Symptoms/Solutions Match

The fourth step in conducting a power quality audit is to determine an appropriate and cost effective solution to the problems identified in steps one through three. Solutions generally fall into either or both of these categories:

  1. Upgrading facility wiring and grounding systems, and/or
  2. Installing mitigation equipment,

Wiring Solutions

  1. Re-making electrical connections,
  2. Increasing circuit wire size as indicated by load and code requirements,
  3. Upgrading or installing grounds, and
  4. Isolating affected equipment from the equipment that is causing the problems.

Equipment Solutions

  1. Transient voltage surge suppression devices,
  2. Voltage regulation equipment,
  3. Isolating transformers to feed specific facility equipment, and
  4. Battery backups to insure continued computer operation and orderly shutdown.

Solutions to power quality problems frequently involve some combination of wiring upgrades and mitigation equipment. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to purchase and install mitigation equipment than to re-wire all or part of a facility. This is particularly true when the facility includes numerous additions or has undergone many remodelings.