Power Quality Analyzers - Customer Applications

Although there are instruments that measure a wide variety of disturbances, a number of instruments are usually required to identify the cause of a specific disturbance, depending on the phenomena being investigated. Basic categories of instruments include:

  • Wiring and Ground Verification Equipment
  • Volt meters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Disturbance Analyzers
  • Harmonic Analyzers
  • Spectrum Analyzers, and
  • Flicker Meters.

Besides these instruments, which measure steady state signals or disturbances on the power system directly, there are other instruments that measure ambient conditions.

  • Infrared meters can be very valuable in detecting loose connections and overheating conductors. Checking the system annually in this manner can help prevent power quality problems resulting from arcing, bad connections, and overloaded conductors.
  • Noise problems related to electromagnetic radiation may require measurement of field strengths in the vicinity of affected equipment. Magnetic Gauss meters are used to measure magnetic field strengths for inductive coupling concerns. Electric field meters can measure the strength of electric fields for electro-static coupling concerns.
  • Static electricity meters are special purpose devices that measure static electricity in the vicinity of sensitive equipment. Electro-static discharge (ESD) is an important cause of power quality problems in some types of electronic equipment.