TVSS Mitigation and Installation.

Proper use of TVSS equipment will help protect you from all transients except a direct lightning strike. It is a good idea to install TVSS devices to protect all your sensitive electronic equipment. Here are a few symptoms you can look for to determine if you have had a transient condition:

  • Damaged electronic equipment such as computers, fax machines, televisions and communications equipment.
  • Increased service calls on electronic equipment in your facility.
  • Unexplained system shut downs or errors

How does it work?
TVSS equipment acts as a voltage sensitive switch. It constantly monitors the voltage. Under normal conditions nothing happens, but when the voltage difference between the power source and the protected line gets high enough, the switch closes and diverts the transient away from your equipment. This switching voltage is often called the "clamping voltage" of the TVSS.

There are two basic varieties, plug-in and hard-wired . Plug-in TVSS units are plugged into wall outlets to protect specific appliances or electronic devices. Hard-wired TVSS units are used as a primary defense for the entire building or to protect sensitive circuits and are installed by an electrician at your service entrance or in sub-panels within your building.