Plug-in TVSS

Plug-in TVSS equipment should be installed between the outlet and the sensitive electronic equipment to be protected. If the TVSS has several outlets, several pieces of equipment can be plugged into it. If it is a single duplex outlet in the wall, a UL-listed multiple outlet device can be safely plugged into it to allow protection for more equipment. Watch the power ratings of the equipment you are protecting in this manner, so that you don t overload the circuit.

Never plug large motor loads into the same TVSS as sensitive electronics. These include fans, window air conditioners, copiers and some laser printers. Locate the TVSS where it can be easily accessed and, if possible, seen. For best results, plug-in TVSS equipment should be used with a high voltage hard-wired TVSS device located in your main electrical panel. Be sure to follow the appropriate guidelines for selecting a plug-in surge protector, and remember to select protectors with telephone, coax, or other additional protection to guard against "back-door" surges, if necessary.