Transients - Solutions

Most of the time it is difficult to determine where transients come from. Wherever they originate, most of the solutions are similar. TVSS systems and power conditioners, when properly specified and installed, can reduce transients to non-damaging levels. This device is usually installed in a standard outlet, and the sensitive device plugged into it.

Data line protectors may also be used to prevent back-door hits. These are small devices that connect directly to the output port, and the data cable connects to it.

By troubleshooting and diagnosing the transient activity, it is possible to locate the source of the spike. If this is done, then three options exist.

  • First, if the offending device is failing or there is a bad connection somewhere, get it fixed. Eliminate the source rather than attempt to protect everything else.
  • Second, try stopping the transient at the source if it cannot be eliminated. Place a power conditioner on the vending machine, for example. This will prevent the normal spike of the compressor motor from traveling to other loads.
  • Third, relocate the offending device or the sensitive device. The normal wiring system is a great transient reducer. Rather than plug the computer into an outlet that is on the same circuit as the transient generator, find another. It is far cheaper to address these problems at the source, or side-step them altogether, than to invest the time and money into device-based solutions.