Stray Voltage Diagnosis

Good diagnosis of stray voltage problems requires a thorough understanding of electrical wiring and distribution fundamentals. Solving the problems can be simple if the source, or sources, are clearly diagnosed and the alternatives evaluated.

Simple cases of stray voltage can be detected by non-professionals if they select the right equipment and stick to the tried and true detection procedures.

Having said this, be advised that identifying the source of stray voltage can be very tough indeed. Solving the problems can require detailed knowledge of the farm and local electrical distribution systems.

Ideally, voltage and current measurements related to stray voltage investigations will be made by people who know about:

  • Farm electrification,
  • Instrument characteristics,
  • Proper measurement procedures.

It goes without saying that these individuals should be capable of properly interpreting the measured values. The persons best suited to the task, are:

  • Farm Equipment Suppliers,
  • Electricians and Installers,
  • County Extension Agent,
  • Electrical Consultants,
  • Power Utility Engineers.

A team effort is almost always the best approach.