Equi-Potential Planes

Equi-potential planes can be very effective in solving stray voltage problems in milking parlors. If all possible animal contact points are maintained at the same voltage, no current can flow through the animal's body.

A plane is established by bonding all electric and metallic equipment in the facility together, including the re-bar or mesh in the concrete floor. Planes are simple to install in new parlors; certainly prior to the concrete work. They can also be effectively installed in existing facilities by placing copper wires in grooves in the floor and grouting over the wires, or placing mesh on the existing floor and adding a two-inch concrete cap.

The use of equi-potential planes will solve stray voltage problems in the area they cover, regardless of the source and whether it is on- or off-farm. They also improve the electrical safety characteristics of the facility. They should certainly be installed in all new dairy parlors.