Most waterbed owners underestimate the amount of energy consumed by the heating coils located under it. It is not uncommon for a waterbed to be the second largest energy user in the home, right after behind space conditioning.

Some simple habits can significantly reduce energy waste from waterbeds. First, keeping the bed made with an insulating comforter is the most critical. With no cover, the warm-water filled mattress radiates heat to the space unnecessarily. And while the heat may be useful in the winter, because it is made with resistance electricity, it's an expensive way to heat. And if you operate an air conditioner in the summer, you are not only paying to heat the water bed, you are paying for the air conditioner to remove the heat from your home. Next, keep the temperature setting as low as comfortable, and put it on a timer so it maintains a lower temperature during the day. Finally, be sure the sides of the bed are well insulated. If they are warm to the touch, they are allowing heat to be wasted.