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 Energy used by miscellaneous small appliances in U.S. homes runs on average under 15% of the total energy budget, however, in any one home, they can account for much more. Even something as simple as a heated aquarium can contribute $5 to $12 per month, which equates to $60 to $135 per year. The actual amount will depend primarily on tank size, the aquarium’s water temperature, the temperature of the room where it operates, and the cost for a kWh of electricity. The aquarium’s heater operates primarily in relation to tank water temperature and the room temperature. So, a small tank set at a low temperature in a room that is kept fairly warm all year will use less than a large tank kept at a higher temperature in a cooler room. You might consider a heated aquarium the equivalent of a small water heater with virtually no insulation. Or, from a home’s overall energy perspective, in the winter it’s a little like a space heater because its glass walls allow heat to radiate from the warm water within to the cooler space around it and helps a bit in heating the home. But in the summer, this same radiated heat causes you to pay even more for an air conditioner to remove this heat from the home.