Agriculture - Special Needs

Multi-building facilities have some unique issues. Farms, dairies, ranches, and other types of agricultural facilities usually encompass several buildings and a large amount of land.

Power to many of these buildings comes from another building. Voltage stability should always be checked as a potential culprit when problems arise.

Grounding becomes quite an important task, not only for weltering devices, but also for livestock. In the dairy industry, there is a problem referred to as "stray voltage." Cows get shocked when they come up to the automatic milking machines. After this happens once or twice, the cow stops going into the barn and must be milked by hand. So much for productivity.

Because this industry usually requires numerous buildings over a wide area of land, outside environmental issues must be considered. Feeding power between buildings does not require the same safety and reliability procedures as those the utility faces feeding power to different customers.

Bad weather, wind, lightning, temperature extremes, and more can cause interruptions and outages on a facility scale, even though the utility might be fine.