Electronic/Circuit Board - Special Needs

Although the electronics industry is in many ways a manufacturing facility, there are two special needs this industry faces.

First is electrostatic discharge, or ESD. ESD is one cause for transient activity, yet even very small amounts of static energy, if discharged onto an integrated circuit chip or onto a pc board, could cause damage or failure These amounts are often too small to be detected by power monitoring equipment.

ESD protection needs to be applied to all personnel who come in contact with the components. It should also be applied to all who touch the test equipment that comes in contact with the components. Static can find all kinds of avenues into chips and the like.

The second issue involves the test equipment used to put components through their paces. Since we depend on this equipment so heavily to tell us whether the component works or not, its reliability must not come into question.

Many times, due to power-related problems, the test equipment provides false readouts. Whole pc boards may be discarded or reworked because care was not taken to ensure the test equipment's immunity to power disturbances.