Major Hospitals - Special Needs

Hospitals and other health care facilities are probably the industry most affected from a power quality standpoint.

Hospitals contain every imaginable electronic device, along with all the standard equipment such as motors, lights, etc. Not only are all of these sensitive loads present, they are continuously moved from room to room. Added to this is the fact that there are usually three different power systems. There is the standard power for things ranging from air conditioning to coffee pots. This is seen as normal panels and receptacles.

There is the isolated, or "clean", power for computer loads. Orange receptacles pepper most labs, patient rooms, and operating rooms.

And then there is the required back-up power. UPS and diesel generators feed large numbers of special and critical loads. These green receptacles are also found throughout the entire facility.

Hospitals must test their back-up systems, usually once a month. During these tests, momentary interruptions are possible. Monitoring the power during a test will capture any potentially harmful disturbances.

As with lodging environments, the typical power quality concern is the interaction of all the different loads because they all have different sensitivities and may be powered from different systems. Always investigate the grounding situations.