Schuyler Elementary, Missouri


David Grubb, Superintendent, Schuyler County:
"We have had phenomenal results. By the first month alone we saved $1,600. We're averaging 48% over seven months and this is on our total electric. We've even gotten the added benefit of our hot water for our shower rooms, the cafeteria, and the kitchen. All of this is done with the ground source heat pumps. We're very pleased with it. It's very comfortable, a very even temperature.

The previous year from September through March, we had spent $48,683. In the next school year, we spent $25,316. We have saved $23,367 to date.

In the gym, the system is almost too efficient. We keep the temperature in there about 62 to 65 degrees. With more bodies you have more body heat. The temperature goes up. The thermostat is coded that if the temperature gets up to around 68 and it's starting to get stuffy, it kicks over automatically to air conditioning. The people that have come, especially from other schools, are just amazed. You don't have all those big exhaust fans on. You don't have all that air movement. You don't have the noise. Your building is comfortabl