What's It All About?


Energy comes in many different forms and we use it in many ways. In this section, we will show you why we need energy, the history of how we learned to change energy from one form to another, and some of the characteristics of energy.

Why We Need Energy?

Energy is an essential part of our daily lives!

We use energy to heat and cool our homes, schools, and businesses. We use energy for lights and appliances. Energy makes our vehicles go, planes fly, boats sail, and machines run.

All living things need energy too. Plants use the light from the sun to grow. Animals and people eat the plants and use the energy that was stored. Food is fuel for our bodies' energy needs like muscle power.

We also use our own bodies to make heat energy. When you have been running or working really hard, your body produces heat energy. When you wear clothing like a jacket in the winter, it holds in that heat energy and keeps you warm.

How many things you do in a day that use energy? Write it down.