Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Electric air-to-air heat pumps are basically reversible air conditioners. They move heat from the air in one location to the air in another. They are referred to as "air-to-air" because they take heat from air and move it to other air. This is as opposed to, for example, geothermal heat pumps or water-source heat pumps where the heat source or sink is something other than air like the earth or a pond.


In summer, they operate as air conditioners, removing heat from the home. In winter, they reverse their operation, gathering heat from air outside the home and moving it inside. Most heat pumps deliver conditioned air to the home using ductwork; although packaged, "through-the-wall" systems with no ductwork are available.

Since heat pumps move rather than generate heat, they can be extremely-efficient, delivering more than three times as much heat as they consume in energy. In some parts of the country (especially in mild climates) they are the least expensive way to heat and cool a home.

Heat pumps have the additional advantages of providing heating and cooling in one unit using a single energy source. In addition, heat pumps do not require flues nor their associated roof penetrations.