In-sink garbage disposals add convenience to the modern kitchen. Located under the sink in-line with the drain, disposals consist of a motor-driven grinding device which grinds up and disposes of food scraps or leftovers safely down the drain and flushes them into the home's septic tank or into the sewer system.

Contrary to intuition, disposals work best when using cold water because potential grease congeals, getting chopped up and washed away in small manageable pieces.

A garbage disposal can also eliminate the odors from organic waste decaying in the trash can and it reduces the number of times the trash needs to be "taken out" - an environmental advantage which helps reduce the amount of trash that gets sent to a landfill.

One note of caution when considering a garbage disposal: some sewer systems place limitations on the use of garbage disposals, and septic systems must be sized to handle them.