With the increased use of computers and other sensitive loads, power quality issues have become more important. Many manufacturers recognize this, and now offer equipment to avoid or mitigate these problems. This equipment includes surge suppressors, power conditioners, battery backups, emergency power generators, and voltage regulators. Regardless of whether you are a power quality expert, a utility representative, or a business or home owner, it is important that you understand the nature, uses, and proper selection of this equipment.

Often, the power quality problems found inside facilities are the result of, or made worse by, wiring errors. Correcting these errors will at least improve the overall situation, and may resolve it. Whichever way is used, two important factors must always be kept in mind. First, the problem must be understood before the proper solution can be implemented. An isolation transformer won't help if the problem is voltage sags. Second, the introduction of any equipment into the power system impacts the whole system. Keep a systems approach to ensure appropriate installation and operation of not simply the electronic loads, but all other loads on the system, and the system itself.