Power Conditioners

A power conditioner provides electrical isolation and reduces electrical noise. Some conditioners also regulate voltage, though many do not. Conditioners can only work when utility power is available. They do not have any ride-through protection for power blackouts or momentary interruptions.

A power conditioner will help to reduce the impact of electrical noise on your electronic systems. They mitigate two kinds of noise: normal mode, and common mode. Noise on the power conductor is called normal mode, while noise between the neutral and ground is called common mode.

The symptoms of these problems include:

  • Random software errors, and
  • Process control shut-downs.

Power conditioners that provide voltage regulation can also mitigate the following symptoms resulting from voltage variation:

  • Sudden dimming or brightness in incandescent lights,
  • Shrinking or shifting of computer screens or televisions,
  • Blackouts on high pressure sodium lighting systems, and
  • Computer tripping and restarts.