ETS Room Heating Units

Electric Thermal Storage room units can be installed to heat individual rooms, such as remote or added spaces, or to supplement the heating in otherwise hard-to-heat rooms.

Room units are non-ducted heaters designed to heat just the room or area where they are located. These heaters can be used in new construction or as a retrofit or supplement to an existing heating system.

The ETS equipment is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. When the unit's built-in thermostat calls for heat, a fan comes on to circulate air across warm ceramic bricks. The bricks are warm having been heated electrically using resistance during the off-peak period when electricity prices are lower.

Various sizes of room units are available typically ranging from 1 kW, 120V plug-in units to larger 10kW, 240V models. Sizing of the units is important because once an ETS system runs out of heat generated with off-peak electricity; it should wait until the off-peak period occurs again to regenerate.