This category includes a wide range of facilities that serve the hospitality and recreational needs of people. Please refer to the specific facilities for more detailed information.


Where applicable, loads should be determined individually for each space; however with a central plant system, a block load should also be determined. Separate air handlers and distribution are typically used for each zone.

Typical System

In large facilities, central plant systems are often used. Central plant designs may incorporate heat recovery, thermal storage, and other energy conservation opportunities like variable speed drive on water pumping, and temperature reset on chilled and hot water distribution circuits. These buildings are also excellent opportunities for a central control system for fire, smoke, and security, billing for central plant use, maintenance control and operations, and energy management.

In smaller facilities, or where individual room control is a factor, water source heat pumps are often considered.

Energy Saving Recommendations

  • Older and/or inefficient systems should be updated or replaced, particularly if CFC refrigerants are used
  • Look into thermal storage if demand and/or on-peak energy costs are high
  • Implement and energy saving recommendations discussed above if not already in use
  • Replace antiquated or inappropriate control systems

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