KMart Super Center

Superstores are a combination of large food stores joined with large box retail stores (discount, variety, department, and drug). Examples are Super-K® (K-Mart®), Lowes®, and Super Wal-Mart® stores. They are typically located in brand new buildings and malls. The operation may range from 12 hours a day 6.5 days a week to as high as 24/7.

Individual air-handling and air-distribution systems should be designed for each of the various store sections. In considering energy use and use patterns, the stores should be considered as if they were separate entities as occupancies may have peak demands at different times of the day or even year. When a combined central plan is under consideration, a block load should also be determined.

These stores generally require a centralized control system. This may be dictated by requirements for fire and smoke control, security, remote monitoring, billing for central facilities use, maintenance control, building operations control, and energy management. Many of them are installing on-site grid-paralleled emergency generation for power reliability and for peak load management savings.

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