ETS System Installed with a Heat Pump

Heat pump systems are known as one of the most efficient methods of heating and cooling. Using an Electric Thermal Storage unit to provide the supplemental heat needed with a heat pump at low outdoor temperatures instead of the more commonly used direct electric strip heat allows the heat pump's high efficiency to be combined with the advantage of off-peak electric rates.

In heat pump applications, the ETS unit replaces the resistance strip heat or other back-up heat, with low-cost, off-peak stored heat. As outside temperatures drop, the stored heat in the ETS unit is used in conjunction with the heat pump's heating capacity to satisfy comfort requirements. During on-peak hours or when the demand for heat is at the point where the heat pump alone cannot satisfy the heating requirements, the stored heat is used to supplement the heat pump. Using an ETS unit allows the heat pump's high efficiency to be used even during times of cooler outdoor temperatures.

The Heat Pump/ETS system benefits:

  • Provides comfort 24 hours a day

  • Provides for a high efficiency, low cost heating and cooling system

  • Optimizes system performance by allowing the heat pump's efficiency to be fully utilized

  • Eliminates the cool discharge air temperatures associated with older model heat pump systems during times of low outdoor temperatures.

The heat pump/ETS combination, when used with off-peak electric rates, is a more economical heating system than a heat pump with electric strip heat.