Increasing the energy efficiency of homes benefits Real Estate Professionals by helping homes sell faster. The financial incentives for "energy-efficient" homes offered by some leading institutions can also increase the number of qualified Buyers. In addition, real estate professionals benefit from the increased value of energy-efficient homes. Because energy measures last for years, they add to a home's resale value too.

To take full advantage of the possibilities, real estate professionals must learn the basics of energy-efficient features and use them with prospective buyers (where those buyers appreciate and value these attributes). This further increases the value of the real estate professional because if they are knowledgeable, they can point out energy saving features and benefits the buyer might enjoy.

For instance, the home's setting may be an energy advantage. Carry a compass and notice where the sun rises, shines all day, and sets relative to the home's living areas. This information gives you additional features and benefits to share with prospective buyers. You might note to them that they can watch the sun rise through the windows of the east-facing breakfast area or point out how a deciduous vine or tree on the south exposure will provide cooling shade all summer, but drop its leaves in winter to let the sun warm the home.

By learning the whole spectrum of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and construction techniques, real estate professionals separate themselves from the rest by being better able to communicate a home's true value.