Recreational Safety

Even though power lines are installed high overhead, they still pose a potential danger to children. They need to be educated well enough to know to stay off and away from any type of electrical facility, be it the towers, poles or the fence around a substation.

Lost Kite GraphicFlying kites or other airborne types around utility lines is dangerous. If a kite or toy airplane gets caught in an overhead line, do not attempt to remove it.

Water sports and outdoor recreation can be fun and even more enjoyable when you practice good safety habits. Unfortunately, bare, un-insulated power lines often cross small bodies of water and docking areas. Boat Dock Graphic Watch out for overhead electric lines near boat docks and piers. A sailboat's mast, spar rigging antenna or flag mast could pose potential danger around power lines. When hauling, docking or transporting a boat, be sure to remove or lower metal equipment that could come into contact with overhead electric lines.

Don't forget, water makes a good path for electrical current, so never touch electric switches or wires when you are wet.