Job Site Hazards

Construction and industrial jobs require special consideration when employees work around electricity and/or utility lines. Federal, state and local regulations specify safe distances for working around power lines. These rules should be strictly adhered to at all times.

When working near overhead lines, state laws generally require that you contact the local utility. In many cases, the utility can temporarily shut off the power, relocate the lines, or assure that adequate power line clearance and safety is maintained. It is also mandatory to check with the utility company before beginning any work on a job site that entails trenching or digging to confirm the locations of any underground power lines.

Crane GraphicTall equipment such as cranes, draglines or scaffolds should be positioned the required distance away from overhead utility lines. If any equipment strikes an electric line, the operator should remain inside the cab until someone gets help. If the equipment is electrically charged, the operator must not touch the equipment and the ground at the same time, or he or she will get electrocuted. Let trained rescue teams remove the operator safely.