Pool covers save money in several ways.

First, an uncovered heated pool is an enormous energy waster and can easily be costing more than it costs to heat an entire home.

Second, covers reduce evaporation which robs heat, chemicals and water from the pool.

And third, this reduced evaporation and diminished algae formation lowers water treatment chemical requirements.

Two popular types of pool covers are opaque and transparent. Both will almost eliminate evaporative heat losses, which is the number one way pools lose heat.

Opaque covers are generally used on spas or hot tubs. Opaque covers do not allow solar gain, which may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on where you live and how you use the pool.

Transparent covers allow for solar gain, but may not be as durable as opaque covers. Check with your local pool supply dealer to learn about the types of covers available and invest in the one that works best for your pool and your lifestyle.