Security lighting is used to deter crime. Fixtures are usually installed at entrances to identify callers and to ensure safe passage. For aesthetic reasons, front entrances usually have decorative fixtures. Incandescent sources are popular, although there are many attractive new fixtures designed for compact fluorescent lamps.

Rear entrances and other areas close to the house can be lit with flood fixtures attached to the walls or eves of the house. Tubular halogen flood lamps and low wattage high pressure sodium wall pack fixtures are good choices.

To adequately light larger areas, especially some distance from the house, such as detached garages or barns, High Intensity Discharge lamp fixtures are best.

Use automatic controls to ensure proper operation of security lighting. Automatic timers that replace the light switch are inexpensive and easy to install. Motion sensing controls are effective, turning the light on when it senses motion in the area, and possibly scaring away an intruder. Photocell control is another good choice, especially for a light that needs to be on all night.