Home Office and Computers

Home offices have greatly changed the way we work. More companies offer remote work options and being a freelance or independent business owner is much easier because of computers and modern communication options like high speed internet.

At the heart of the home office is the computer. It may be a traditional desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. In the case of the desktop, it can be a big power user depending upon the type of power supply it has. A typical power supply is in the 400-500-watt range so turning it on is the equivalent to 4-5 100-watt incandescent bulbs. Running it for 8 hours a day at $.12 kWh will add $13 per month to your bill. This may not sound like much but when you include in the monitor, printer, and other peripherals, it adds up.

When purchasing home office equipment look for Energy Star rated alternatives. For desktop computers, look for models with smart power supplies. Unlike a standard power supply that runs at its rated wattage all the time, smart versions only use as much power as is needed.