Electric Shock

An electric shock can happen even when only a small amount of electricity goes through your body. Your body is about 60 percent water - that makes you a good conductor. The amount of electric current (amps) is what hurts you. The pressure of the current (volts) affects how you are hurt. Electric shock can be strong enough to knock you down, knock you unconscious, or cause paralysis, and even death.

WHAT TO DO . . .

If someone receives a shock from an electrical appliance, like a toaster, or a power tool, like a drill, or any electrical item, DO NOT TOUCH THE PERSON! You could get shocked too! Get an adult to unplug the appliance or turn off the power at the main breaker box. Once the power source has been turned off, keep the person warm and lying down until help arrives.

If someone receives a shock from a fallen power line, DO NOT TOUCH THE PERSON OR TOUCH OR REMOVE THE POWER LINE! Call the police or fire department, and the power company right away.

Dial "911" for emergencies or "0" for an operator that can help you if you don't know the phone number to the police or fire department. Be sure to always get help from an adult or neighbor immediately.